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Organisational Development & Learning

organisational development & learning


“The new is possible; it demands a lot of power because it takes us to unforeseen discrepancies with the established law.
It strikes at our substance since our identity is related to the old:
It has to do a lot with personal commitment for the unknown, with speed and consequence.
It requires a free spirit in a free surrounding, but also takes its time.
It allows the rise of ethic doubts and asks the question of the sense of our activities.
It grinds at the organisational and cultural boundaries.
The new reaches us on devoured spiritual, social, technical, psychological and organisational paths.
It needs the helping hand of a possessed-like one, to break away from the old and , finally, it breaks through or it atrophies.

(Heinrich von Pierer and Bolko von Oettinger)

“At the moment when you dedicate yourself to a challenge the providence moves as well:
All kinds of incidents, which otherwise would have never occurred, happened in order to help you.
A whole stream of occurrencis starts on the strength of the decision and it cares for numerous unforeseen accidents, movements and material support at your favour, that nobody had ever dreamed of in this manner.
What ever you can, start it: Adventurousness bears genius, power and magic. Start it NOW!”

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)